vai_p_tensorflow Usage - 1.1 English

AI Optimizer User Guide (UG1333)

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1.1 English

The following arguments are available when running vai_p_tensorflow:

Table 1. vai_p_tensorflow Arguments
Argument Type Default Description
workspace string "" Directory for saving output files.
action string "" Which action to run.
input_graph string "" Path of a GraphDef protobuf file that defines the network’s architecture.
input_ckpt string "" Path of a checkpoint file. It is the prefix of filenames created for the checkpoint.
output_graph string "" Path of a GraphDef protobuf file for saving the pruned network.
output_ckpt string "" Path of a checkpoint file for saving weights.
eval_fn_path string "" Path of a file defining model_fn function.
max_num_batches int None Max number of batches to evaluate by default use all.
target string "" The output node name that indicates the model’s performance.
gpu string "" GPU device IDs to use separated by ‘,’.
sparsity float None The desired sparsity of network after pruning.
exclude repeated None Convolution nodes excluded from pruning.
input_nodes repeated None Input nodes of the inference graph.
input_node_shapes repeated None Shape of input nodes.
output_nodes repeated None Output nodes of the inference graph.