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NVMe Target Controller LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG329)

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2.0 English

The NVMe Target Controller IP provides the following features on the host side and application/user logic side interface.

Features on the host side include:

  • Configurable number of host side SQ/CQs per controller (maximum of 64)
  • Configurable depth of SQ/CQs
  • Support for the PRP
  • Command parsing for errors
  • MSI-x interrupt generation handling

Features on the application side include:

  • Offloads the application/user logic from complete QDMA programing
  • Admin queues are mapped to software while the I/O queues are mapped to the hardware user logic interface
  • Memory-mapped AXI4 interface for software to post “instructions” to NVMe TC
  • AXI4-Stream interface for hardware application/module to post “instruction” to NVMe TC