H2C-Streaming Bypass Input Port - 2.0 English

NVMe Target Controller LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG329)

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2.0 English
Table 1. H2C-Streaming Bypass Input Port Descriptions
Port Name I/O Description
i_h2c_byp_in_dsc[255:0] I The H2C descriptor fetched from the host.
i_h2c_byp_in_dsc_sz[1:0] I Descriptor size. This field indicates the amount of valid descriptor information.
  • 0:8B
  • 1:16B
  • 2:32B
  • 3:64B
i_h2c_byp_in_vld I Valid
o_h2c_byp_in_rdy O Ready
i_h2c_byp_in_qid[10:0] I Queue ID
i_h2c_byp_in_port_id[2:0] I Port ID
i_h2c_byp_in_fmt[2:0] I Encoding for this field is as follows:
  • 0x0: Standard Descriptor
  • 0x1 – 0x7: Reserved
i_h2c_byp_in_st_mm I Indicates whether this is a streaming data descriptor or memory-mapped descriptor
  • 0: Streaming (only mode supported)
  • 1: memory-mapped
i_h2c_byp_in_error I Indicates that an error was encountered in descriptor fetch or execution of a previous descriptor.
i_h2c_byp_in_func[7:0]   PCIe Function ID
i_h2c_byp_in_cidx[15:0]   Consumer Index. The ring index of the descriptor is fetched.