H2C-Streaming Simple Bypass Output Port - 2.0 English

NVMe Target Controller LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG329)

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2.0 English
Table 1. H2C-Streaming Simple Bypass Output Port Descriptions
Port Name I/O Description
o_h2c_byp_out_addr[63:0] O 64-bit starting address of DMA transfer
o_h2c_byp_out_vld O Valid
i_h2c_byp_out_rdy I Ready
o_h2c_byp_out_qid[10:0] O Queue ID
o_h2c_byp_out_port_id[2:0] O Port ID
o_h2c_byp_out_error O Indicates that an error was encountered in descriptor fetch or execution of a previous descriptor.
o_h2c_byp_out_func[7:0] O PCIe function ID
o_h2c_byp_out_at[1:0] O Address Type
  • ’b00: The address in the request is untranslated. Only address type supported by the IP.
o_h2c_byp_out_len[15:0] O The number of bytes to transfer.
o_h2c_byp_out_eop O Indicates end of packet. Set for the last descriptor. Reset for the rest of the descriptors
o_h2c_byp_out_sop O Indicates start of packet. Set for the first descriptor. Reset for the rest of the descriptors.
o_h2c_byp_out_sdi O H2C Bypass Out (which is QDMA H2C Bypass In) Status Descriptor/Interrupt. If set, the user application signals the QDMA to send the status descriptor to the host and to generate an interrupt to host when the QDMA has fetched the last byte of the data associated with this descriptor. The QDMA honors the request to generate an interrupt only if interrupts have been enabled in the H2C SW context for this QID and armed by the driver. This can only be set for an EOP descriptor.
o_h2c_byp_out_mrkr_req O H2C Bypass In Marker Request. When set, the descriptor passes through the H2C Engine pipeline. Once complete, it produces a marker response on the H2C Streaming Bypass-Out interface. This can only be set for an EOP descriptor.
o_h2c_byp_out_no_dma O H2C Bypass In no DMA (Constant 1'b0)
o_h2c_byp_out_cidx[15:0] O The CIDX used for the status descriptor update and/or interrupt (aggregation mode).