Work Queue Completion - 2.0 English

NVMe Target Controller LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG329)

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2.0 English

For every work request that is submitted to the NVMe TC IP, a completion is provided by the IP to the corresponding hardware or software application. This can be used by the application to free up resources linked to the particular work request. The format of the work queue completion is given in the following table. The same completion is provided on the software as well as the hardware interface.

Table 1. Work Request Completion Format
Bitwidth Field Size (Bits) Description
[15:0] WRID 16 Work Request ID. Unique Identifier for every WQE
[31:16] SQID 16 Submission Queue ID
[47:32] FNID 16 Physical/Virtual Function ID
[59:48] CREDIT 12 SW WQE Request FIFO available credits (to be ignored by the hardware application)
[63:60] STATUS 4 Work completion status:
  • 4’h0 – Success
  • 4’h1 - DMA Error at PCIe/QDMA
  • 4’h2 - DMA Error at Local DDR/Memory
  • 4’h3 – Unsupported Opcode Error
  • 4’h4 to 4’hF – Reserved

The credit information in the work request completion is only valid for the software interface.