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Vitis Unified Software Platform Documentation: Application Acceleration Development (UG1393)

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2020.2 English
Important: This option cannot be used with embedded processor platforms.

The xbmgmt scan command returns a list of all the detected management PCIe functions. Each item in the list includes the card BDF, target platform name, target platform ID, and management driver instance number.

Tip: If additional details are needed, use the xbmgmt flash --scan --verbose command.

It has the following command line format. There are no options.

xbmgmt scan

The following table lists the fields returned from xbmgmt scan command.

Table 1. xbmgmt scan Field Definition
Field Description
BDF Provides the enumerated Bus:Device:Function (BDF) identifier for the card in the following format:


Flashable partition running on FPGA Details on the flashable partition include:
  • Name of the target platform flashed on the FPGA
  • Unique ID associated with the target platform.
mgmt Returns the assigned management driver instance.

The instance number can easily find the device node for each function.

On a supported Linux distribution, the device node can be found at: /dev/xclmgmt<inst>.

In addition, the instance can be useful when mapping the dmesg information to a specific card.

Below is an example output of xbmgmt scan for a system with two cards installed. Details for each card are on a separate line:

0000:d8:00.0 xilinx_u200_gen3x16_xdma_shell_1_1 mgmt(inst=55296)
 0000:af:00.0 xilinx_u250_gen3x16_base_3 mgmt(inst=44800)