Step 1: Set Up the Example to Debug the Import Function - 2020.2 English

Vivado Design Suite Tutorial: Model-Based DSP Design using Add-on for MATLAB and Simulink (UG1498)

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2020.2 English
  1. Type the following at the MATLABĀ® command prompt:
    >> xmcOpenExample
  2. Press Enter to open the Model Composer examples dialog box:

  3. From the above list, select color_detection and click Open example, which opens the example design as shown in the following figure.

  4. Double-click on the block labeled Color_detection and observe the RGB2HSV_XMC block.

    Note: This block has been generated using the xmcImportFunction feature and the function declaration can be seen by double-clicking on the RGB2HSV_XMC block.

  5. To view the function definition of RGB2HSV_XMC, navigate to current folder in the MATLAB window and double-click on RGB2HSV_wrap.h.

    The setup is now ready for you to debug your C/C++ code. In next step, you will see how to debug the code using Visual Studio debugger.