Device Power Aspects and System Dependencies - 2020.2 English

Versal ACAP Board System Design Methodology Guide (UG1506)

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2020.2 English

When planning the PCB, you must take power into consideration. See Power and Thermal Considerations in the Versal ACAP Design Guide (UG1273) and the following:

  • The device and the user design create system power supply and heat dissipation requirements.
  • Power supplies must be able to meet maximum power requirements and the device must remain within the recommended voltage and temperature operating conditions during operation. Power estimation and thermal modeling are required to ensure that the device stays within these limits.
  • Plan for the consolidation of power rails and their impact on power domain switching.
  • Although consolidation is possible, Xilinx recommends using full power management to give maximum flexibility where possible.

For these reasons, you must understand the power and cooling requirements of the device. These must be designed on the board.

Power Tip: See the Power page on the Xilinx website for a list of Xilinx partners and Xilinx-approved power delivery reference designs.