Configuring Packet Buffer (Pbuf) Memory Options - 2021.1 English

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2021.1 English

Packet buffers (Pbufs) carry packets across various layers of the TCP/IP stack. The following are the pbuf memory options provided by the lwIP stack. Default values work well unless application tuning is required. The following table describes the parameters for the Pbuf memory options.

Attribute Default Type Description
pbuf_pool_size 256 Integer Number of buffers in pbuf pool. For high performance systems, you might consider increasing the pbuf pool size to a higher value, such as 512.
pbuf_pool_bufsize 1700 Integer Size of each pbuf in pbuf pool. For systems that support jumbo frames, you might consider using a pbuf pool buffer size that is more than the maximum jumbo frame size.
pbuf_link_hlen 16 Integer Number of bytes that should be allocated for a link level header.