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2021.1 English

The xsecure_rsa.h file contains hardware interface related information for the RSA hardware accelerator. This hardened cryptographic accelerator, within the CSU, performs the modulus math based on the Rivest-Shamir-Adelman (RSA) algorithm. It is an asymmetric algorithm.

Initialization & Configuration

The RSA driver instance can be initialized by using the XSecure_RsaInitialize() function. The method used for RSA implementation can take a pre-calculated value of R^2 mod N. If you do not have the pre-calculated exponential value pass NULL, the controller will take care of the exponential value.
  • From the RSA key modulus, the exponent should be extracted.
  • For verification, PKCS v1.5 padding scheme has to be applied for comparing the data hash with decrypted hash.