XPm_ForcePowerDown - 2021.1 English

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2021.1 English

This function is used by PU to request a forced poweroff of another PU or its power island or power domain. This can be used for killing an unresponsive PU, in which case all resources of that PU will be automatically released.

Note: Force power down may not be requested by a PU for itself.


XStatus XPm_ForcePowerDown(const u32 TargetDevId, const u32 Ack);


The following table lists the XPm_ForcePowerDown function arguments.

Table 1. XPm_ForcePowerDown Arguments
Type Name Description
const u32 TargetDevId Device ID of the PU node to be forced powered down.
const u32 Ack Requested acknowledge type


XST_SUCCESS if successful else XST_FAILURE or an error code or a reason code