XSem_RegisterEvent - 2021.1 English

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2021.1 English

This function is used to register/un-register event notification with XilSEM Server. Primarily this function sends an IPI request to PLM to invoke SEM Event Notifier registration, waits for PLM to process the request and check the status.

Note: The caller shall initialize the notifier object before invoking the XSem_RegisterEvent function.


XStatus XSem_RegisterEvent(XIpiPsu *IpiInst, XSem_Notifier *Notifier);


The following table lists the XSem_RegisterEvent function arguments.

Table 1. XSem_RegisterEvent Arguments
Type Name Description
XIpiPsu * IpiInst Pointer to IPI driver instance
XSem_Notifier * Notifier Pointer of the notifier object to be associated with the requested notification


This API returns the success or failure.
  • XST_FAILURE: On event registration/un-registration failure
  • XST_SUCCESS: On event registration/un-registration success