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Vivado Design Suite Tutorial: Designing IP Subsystems Using IP Integrator (UG995)

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2021.1 English
Important: This tutorial requires the use of the Kintex®-7 family of devices. You will need to update your Vivado® tools installation if you do not have this device family installed. Refer to the Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Release Notes, Installation, and Licensing (UG973) for more information on Adding Design Tools or Devices.

The Xilinx® Vivado® Design Suite IP Integrator lets you create complex system designs by instantiating and interconnecting IP cores from the Vivado IP catalog onto a design canvas. You can create designs interactively through the IP Integrator design canvas GUI, or programmatically using a Tcl programming interface. You will typically construct designs at the AXI-interface level for greater productivity; but you may also manipulate designs at the port level for more precise design control.

This tutorial walks you through the steps for building a basic IP subsystem design using the IP Integrator. You will instantiate a few IP in the IP Integrator and then stitch them up to create an IP sub-system design. While working through this tutorial, you will be introduced to the IP Integrator GUI, run design rule checks (DRC) on your design, and then integrate the design into a top-level design in the Vivado Design Suite. Finally, you will run synthesis and implementation and generate a bitstream on the design.

Video: You can also view the Designing with Vivado IP Integrator quick take video to learn more about this feature of the Vivado Design Suite.