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Versal ACAP AI Engine Programming Environment User Guide (UG1076)

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2021.2 English

The Tiles table shows all the tiles that have mapped kernels and buffers in the ADF graph. For example, in this design there are five tiles used, where two of them contain kernels (Tile [25,0], and Tile [25,4]), and three of them have buffers mapped (Tile[24,0], Tile[24,4], Tile[25,5]).

Figure 1. Tiles Table

Table 1. Column Description
Column Description
Tile The tile ID.
Column The column location of the tile.
Row The row location of the tile.
Kernels The number of kernels that are mapped to the tile.
Buffers The number of buffers mapped to the tile. This includes buffers on nets and buffers inside the kernel.