Steps for BSP Packaging - 2021.2 English

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2021.2 English

Steps on how to package a project are as follows:

  1. You can go outside the PetaLinux project directory to run petalinux-package command.
  2. Use the following commands to package the BSP.
    $ petalinux-package --bsp -p <plnx-proj-root> --output MY.BSP

    This generates MY.BSP, including the following elements from the specified project:

    • <plnx-proj-root>/project-spec/
    • <plnx-proj-root>/config.project
    • <plnx-proj-root>/.petalinux/
    • <plnx-proj-root>/pre-built/
    • <plnx-proj-root>/.gitignore
    • <plnx-proj-root>/components