Compatible and Partially-Compatible Sheets - 2021.2 English

Xilinx Power Estimator User Guide for Versal ACAP (UG1275)

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2021.2 English

Data can be imported from prior families for certain sheets with further actions required. Incompatibilities such as invalid IO Standards are highlighted in yellow and must be corrected. Following sheets are mostly compatible.

  • Logic
  • IO
  • Block RAM
  • UltraRAM
Note: The Logic, block RAM, and UltraRAM sheets are identical to those of the previous families. For BRAM, FIFO18 / FIFO36 modes from UltraScale+ is imported as RAMB18SDP / RAMB36SDP modes. The IO Sheet is also similar to the previous families. However, the higher performance I/O are called XPIO and are located under the XP I/O Type.
These sheets are partially-compatible and require careful review after import.
Clocks are mapped one-to-one with the following rules:
  • Each clock in UltraScale+ is created as an externally driven clock in Versal ACAP XPE.
  • Clock fanout is ignored as it will be calculated based on the other sheet resources.
  • After import, it is important to review and modify all the clock definition in the Versal ACAP XPE.
PS sheet is mapped with the following rules:
  • Only user configuration are imported into Versal® XPE and power-down and deep-sleep are ignored.
  • Number of cores for A53 will be divided by 2 to covert to A72 in Versal ACAP XPE.
  • Retention mode for L2 cache and battery domain are ignored during import.
  • After import, all the settings must be reviewed and modified.
DSPs are mapped one-to-one with the following rules:
  • Versal ACAP DSP Mode defaults to INT24.
  • Toggle Rate translates to Block Toggle Rate.
  • MREG translates to Multiplier Pipeline Used.
  • Versal Input Pipeline Used defaults to No.
This will be imported as GTY with all other parameter imported as it is like data rate, mode etc.
The following GTY values can be applied to Versal devices:
  • Name
  • GTY Channels
  • Operational Mode (Power down not currently supported)
  • Power Mode
  • Data Rate
  • Data Path
  • Data Mode

Other values such as Hard IP Block usage must be manually reviewed and entered. The PCS/Hard-IP Mode must be chosen manually after importing.

Note: Some incompatible values may not be highlighted in yellow.