Creating IP - 2021.2 English

Xilinx Power Estimator User Guide for Versal ACAP (UG1275)

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2021.2 English

You can create an IP using the Manage IP wizard Create IP tab. For proper identification and management of IP, assign unique names for each instance created. The Clocking Wizard is typically the first type of IP to be created because all other XPE sheets, Block Memory IP, and Distributed Memory IP require a clock to be defined. From the Standard drop-down menu the Memory Interface IP provides several types of interfaces based on the hard memory controller or soft memory controller. When choosing a hard memory controller standard:

  • There is an option to select between one and two channels with two channels resulting in slightly higher power.
  • There is a Command Bus Option to choose between Minimum Pin Count and Highest Data Rate with the latter resulting in higher power.
  • The hard memory controller power is shown in the Hard IP column of the Memory Interface IP table.

When choosing a soft memory controller standard, you can select the check box option to add typical link layer logic. This adds logic and block RAM resources used by the soft IP. The Transceiver IP configuration includes presets for the following protocols:

  • PCIe Gen1
  • PCIe Gen2
  • PCIe Gen3
  • PCIe Gen4
  • MRMAC with RS-FEC

In the GTY sheet, Hard IP block is selected by the wizard based on the protocol.