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Vitis High-Level Synthesis User Guide (UG1399)

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2021.2 English

When you start Vitis™ HLS the tool looks for a Tcl initialization script in the following three different locations, each one overriding the previous one found. This order of precedence lets your organization setup the tool for all users (Enterprise), and then lets you override the tool for specific versions, or for your specific needs.

  1. Enterprise: In the software installation directory: <installdir>/Vitis_HLS/<version>/scripts/hls_init.tcl

    Where <installdir> is the installation directory where the Vitis tools are installed, and <version> represents the version of software you are using.

  2. Version Specific: In the user's home directory, under a specific version of the Vitis™ HLS tools:
    • On Windows: %APPDATA%/Xilinx/vitis_hls/<version>/hls_init.tcl
    • On Linux: $HOME/.Xilinx/vitis_hls/<version>/hls_init.tcl
  3. User Specific: In a local user directory, for all versions of the tool:
    • • On Windows: %APPDATA%/Xilinx/vitis_hls/hls_init.tcl

    • • On Linux: $HOME/.Xilinx/vitis_hls/hls_init.tcl

The hls_init.tcl lets you use Vitis™ HLS commands to initialize the tool prior to opening a project.

Tip: There is no hls_init.tcl script in the software installation. You must create one if needed.