FIFO Depth Visualization in Vitis Analyzer - 2022.1 English

Versal ACAP AI Engine Programming Environment User Guide (UG1076)

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2022.1 English
The DMA FIFO size can be viewed in the timeline in Vitis Analyzer using VCD-based analysis. Vitis Analyzer shows the real-time used FIFO depth. From the FIFO depth used, Vitis Analyzer can help analyze design stall issue, optimize FIFO size needed, and then optimize the design performance.
Note: Stream Switch FIFO size is not supported.
For enabling DMA FIFO size visualization, the VCD dump option of aiesimulator should be enable. Also, the simulation run result can be opened in Vitis Analyzer, for example:
aiesimulator --pkg-dir=./Work --online -wdb -ctf
vitis_analyzer aiesimulator_output/default.aierun_summary

For more options on how to run simulator and open run result in Vitis Analyzer, see AI Engine Stall Analysis in Vitis Analyzer.

Tip: If design hangs in simulation, use the --simulation-cycle-timeout=<cycles> option to stop the aiesimulator simulation at a set time.

In Vitis Analyzer, select the Graph view and select the DMA FIFO in the view.

Tip: Hover the mouse on the DMA FIFO to show information about the DMA FIFO, such as, the FIFO depth in words.

The following figure shows an example of DMA FIFO in Graph view:

Figure 1. DMA FIFO in the Graph View

The selected DMA FIFO in the Graph view is also highlighted in the Trace view. You must switch to the Trace view.

The DMA FIFO size in words is shown in the timeline, as shown in the following figure. In the Events view, it contains DMA_FIFO_SIZE event with the size information

Figure 2. DMA FIFO in the Trace View