PLM Major Error Codes - 2022.1 English

Versal ACAP System Software Developers Guide (UG1304)

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2022.1 English

The following table lists the PLMI, PLM, XilLoader, and XilSecure major error codes. For debug tips on PLM errors, see the PLM Wiki.

Table 1. PLM Major Error Codes
Value Description
0x0 XPLM_SUCCESS: Success.
0x1 XPLM_FAILURE: Used internally for small functions.
0x2 XPLMI_TASK_INPROGRESS: Used internally to indicate task is in progress.
0x100 XPLMI_ERR_DMA_LOOKUP: Error when DMA driver lookup fails.
0x101 XPLMI_ERR_DMA_CFG: Error when DMA driver configuration fails.
0x102 XPLMI_ERR_DMA_SELFTEST: Error when the DMA self test fails.

Error occurs when DMA is in reset and the PLM tries to initialize it.

0x103 XPLMI_ERR_IOMOD_INIT: Error when the I/O module driver lookup fails.
0x104 XPLMI_ERR_IOMOD_START: Error when I/O module driver startup fails.
0x105 XPLMI_ERR_IOMOD_CONNECT: Error when I/O module driver connection fails.
0x106 XPLMI_ERR_MODULE_MAX: Error when PLMI module is not registered.

Can occur when invalid CDO CMD is processed by XilPLMI.

0x107 XPLMI_ERR_CMD_APIID: Error when valid module and unregistered CMD ID is processed by XilPLMI.
0x108 XPLMI_ERR_CMD_HANDLER_NULL: Error when no command handler is registered by module for CDO CMD.
0x109 XPLMI_ERR_CMD_HANDLER: Error returned by the CDO CMD handler.

For error returned by the CMD, check the PLM minor code.

0x10A XPLMI_ERR_RESUME_HANDLER: Error returned by the CDO CMD resume handler.

For error returned by the CMD, check the PLM minor code.

0x10B XPLMI_ERR_CDO_HDR_ID: Error when valid CDO header ID is not present in CDO header.

Can happen when different partition type is processed as CDO.

0x10C XPLMI_ERR_CDO_CHECKSUM:: Error when CDO header checksum is wrong.

Can happen when CDO header is corrupted.

0x10D XPLMI_ERR_UART_DEV_PM_REQ: Error when XilPM request device for UART fails.

PM error code is present in PLM minor code.

0x10E XPLMI_ERR_UART_LOOKUP: Error when UART driver lookup fails.
0x10F XPLMI_ERR_UART_CFG: Error when UART driver configuration fails.
0x110 XPLMI_ERR_SSI_MASTER_SYNC: Error when SSI technology slave sync fails with master.
0x111 XPLMI_ERR_SSIT_SLAVE_SYNC: Error when SSI technology master times out waiting for slaves sync point.
0x112 XPLMI_ERR_INVALID_LOG_LEVEL: Error when invalid log level is received in the logging command.
0x113 XPLMI_ERR_INVALID_LOG_BUF_ADDR: Error when invalid log buffer address is received in the logging command.
0x114 XPLMI_ERR_INVALID_LOG_BUF_LEN: Error when invalid log buffer length is received in the logging command.
0x115 XPLMI_ERR_IPI_CMD: Error when command execution through IPI is not supported.
0x116 XPLMI_ERR_REGISTER_IOMOD_HANDLER: Error when registering the I/O module handler.
0x117 XPLMI_ERR_WDT_PERIODICITY: Invalid periodicity parameter for SetWDT command.
0x118 XPLMI_ERR_WDT_NODE_ID: Invalid node ID parameter for SetWDT command.
0x119 XPLMI_ERR_WDT_LPD_NOT_INITIALIZED: LPD MIO is used for WDT but LPD is not initialized
0x11A XPLMI_ERR_INVALID_INTR_ID_DISABLE: Invalid Interrupt ID used to disable interrupt.
0x11B XPLMI_ERR_INVALID_INTR_ID_CLEAR: Invalid Interrupt ID used to clear interrupt.
0x11C XPLMI_ERR_INVALID_INTR_ID_REGISTER: Invalid Interrupt ID used to register interrupt.
0x11D XPLMI_ERR_DMA_XFER_WAIT: DMA transfer wait failed.
0x11E XPLMI_ERR_NON_BLOCK_DMA_WAIT_SRC: Non block DMA transfer wait failed in Src channel.
0x11F XPLMI_ERR_NON_BLOCK_DMA_WAIT_DEST: Non block DMA transfer wait failed in Dest channel WaitForDone.
0x120 XPLMI_ERR_NON_BLOCK_SRC_DMA_WAIT: Non block Src DMA transfer wait failed.
0x121 XPLMI_ERR_NON_BLOCK_DEST_DMA_WAIT: Non block Dest DMA transfer wait failed.
0x122 XPLMI_ERR_DMA_XFER_WAIT_SRC: DMA Xfer failed in Src Channel wait for done.
0x123 XPLMI_ERR_DMA_XFER_WAIT_DEST: DMA Xfer failed in Dest Channel wait for done.
0x124 XPLMI_ERR_UART_MEMSET: Memset of UartPsv Instance failed.
0x125 XPLMI_ERR_MEMCPY_COPY_CMD: Error during memcpy of CdoCopyCmd.
0x126 XPLMI_ERR_MEMCPY_CMD_EXEC: Error during memcpy of CdoCmdExecute.
0x127 XPLMI_ERR_MEMCPY_IMAGE_INFO: Error during memcpy of XLoader_ImageInfo
0x128 XPLMI_ERR_UART_PSV_SET_BAUD_RATE: Error during setting XUartPsv_SetBaudRate to XPLMI_UART_BAUD_RATE.
0x129 XPLMI_ERR_IO_MOD_INTR_NUM_REGISTER: Invalid I/O module interrupt number used to register interrupt handler.
0x12A XPLMI_ERR_IO_MOD_INTR_NUM_CLEAR: Invalid I/O module interrupt number used to clear interrupt.
0x12B XPLMI_ERR_IO_MOD_INTR_NUM_DISABLE: Invalid I/O module interrupt number used to disable interrupt.
0x12C XPLMI_NPI_ERR: NPI errors.
0x12E XPLMI_IPI_READ_ERR: Error in processing IPI request. It can occur due to invalid message length error when CRC is enabled or invalid buffer address error from driver.
0x12F XPLMI_ERR_UNALIGNED_DMA_XFER: Error during DMA involving of unaligned SrcAddr, DestAddr, or number of words.
0x130 XPLMI_IPI_ACCESS_ERR: Access permissions failed for PLMI IPI command received.
0x131 XPLMI_ERR_TASK_EXISTS: Error when the task that is being added to scheduler already exists.
0x132 XPLMI_ERR_INVALID_TASK_TYPE: Error when invalid task type is used to add tasks in scheduler.
0x133 XPLMI_ERR_INVALID_TASK_PERIOD: Error when invalid task period is used to add tasks in scheduler.
0x134 XPLMI_ERR_NPI_LOCK: Error locking NPI address space.
0x135 XPLMI_PROCID_NOT_VALID: Invalid ProcID received.
0x136 XPLMI_MAX_PROC_COMMANDS_RECEIVED: Maximum supported proc commands received.
0x137 XPLMI_UNSUPPORTED_PROC_LENGTH: Received proc does not fit in proc memory.
0x138 XPLMI_ERR_PROC_LPD_NOT_INITIALIZED: LPD is not initialized proc command cannot be stored/executed.
0x139 XPLMI_ERR_SCHED_TASK_MISSED: Scheduler task missed executing at the scheduled interval.
0x13A XPLMI_ERR_SET_PMC_IRO_FREQ: Error when setting PMC IRO frequency is failed.
0x13B XPLMI_ERR_FROM_SSIT_SLAVE: Error received from SSI technology slave SLR.
0x13C XPLMI_ERR_PROC_INVALID_ADDRESS_RANGE: Error when the given address range for storing proc commands is invalid.
0x200 XPLM_ERR_TASK_CREATE: Error when task create fails.

This can happen when maximum tasks are created..

0x201 XPLM_ERR_PM_MOD: Error initializing the PM module.
0x202 XPLM_ERR_LPD_MOD: Error initializing the LPD modules.
0x203 XPLM_ERR_EXCEPTION: Exception has occurred during PLM initialization.

EAR and ESR are printed on the UART console if enabled.

0x204 XPLM_ERR_NPLL_LOCK: Unable to lock NOC PLL for master SLR devices.
0x205 XPLM_ERR_STL_MOD: Error initializing the STL module.
0x206 XPLM_ERR_KEEP_ALIVE_TASK_CREATE: Error while creating the PSM keep alive task.
0x207 XPLM_ERR_KEEP_ALIVE_TASK_REMOVE: Error while removing the PSM keep alive task.
0x208 XPLM_ERR_PSM_NOT_ALIVE: PSM is not alive.
0x209 XPLM_ERR_IPI_SEND: Error while sending IPI.
0x20A XPLM_ERR_PMC_RAM_MEMSET: Error while clearing the PMC CDO region in PMC RAM.
0x300 XLOADER_UNSUPPORTED_BOOT_MODE: Error for unsupported boot mode.

This error occurs if invalid boot mode is selected or boot mode peripheral is not selected in the CIPS wizard.

0x302 XLOADER_ERR_IMGHDR_TBL: Multiple conditions can cause this error:
  • If image header table has the wrong checksum.
  • If PLM is unable to read the image header table.
0x303 XLOADER_ERR_IMGHDR: Error if image header checksum fails.
0x304 XLOADER_ERR_PRTNHDR: Error if partition header checksum fails.
0x305 XLOADER_ERR_WAKEUP_A72_0: Error waking up the A72-0 during handoff.

Check the PLM minor code for the PM error code.

0x306 XLOADER_ERR_WAKEUP_A72_1: Error waking up the A72-1 during handoff.

Check the PLM minor code for the PM error code.

0x307 XLOADER_ERR_WAKEUP_R5_0: Error waking up the R5-0 during handoff.

Check the PLM minor code for the PM error code.

0x308 XLOADER_ERR_WAKEUP_R5_1: Error waking up the R5-1 during handoff.

Check the PLM minor code for PM error code.

0x309 XLOADER_ERR_WAKEUP_R5_L: Error waking up the R5-L during handoff.

Check the PLM minor code for the PM error code.

0x30A XLOADER_ERR_WAKEUP_PSM: Error waking up the PSM during handoff.

Check the PLM minor code for the PM error code.

0x30B XLOADER_ERR_PL_NOT_PWRUP: Error powering up the PL.
0x30C XLOADER_ERR_UNSUPPORTED_OSPI: Error due to unsupported OSPI flash.
0x30D XLOADER_ERR_UNSUPPORTED_OSPI_SIZE: Error due to unsupported OSPI flash size.
0x30E XLOADER_ERR_OSPI_INIT: Error when OSPI driver lookup fails.

This error occurs when OSPI is not selected in CIPS.

0x30F XLOADER_ERR_OSPI_CFG: Error when OSPI driver CFG fails.
0x310 XLOADER_ERR_OSPI_SEL_FLASH_CS0: Error when OSPI driver is unable to select flash.

Check minor code for the OSPI driver error code.

0x311 XLOADER_ERR_OSPI_READID: Error when OSPI ReadID fails.
0x312 XLOADER_ERR_OSPI_READ: Error when OSPI driver read fails.

Check minor code for the OSPI driver error code.

0x313 XLOADER_ERR_OSPI_4BMODE: Error when OSPI is unable to enter/exit 4B mode.
0x314 XLOADER_ERR_QSPI_READ_ID: Error when QSPI read fails.
0x315 XLOADER_ERR_UNSUPPORTED_QSPI_FLASH_ID: Error when QSPI flash is not supported.
0x316 XLOADER_ERR_QSPI_INIT: Error when QSPI driver look up or configuration fails.
0x317 XLOADER_ERR_QSPI_MANUAL_START: Error when QSPI driver manual start fails.
0x318 XLOADER_ERR_QSPI_PRESCALER_CLK: Error when QSPI driver Prescalar setting fails.
0x319 XLOADER_ERR_QSPI_CONNECTION: Error when invalid QSPI connection listed other than single, dual, or stacked.
0x31A XLOADER_ERR_QSPI_READ: Error when QSPI driver read fails.
0x31B XLOADER_ERR_QSPI_LENGTH: Error when QSPI read length is greater than flash size.
0x31C XLOADER_ERR_SD_INIT: Error when SD mount fails.
0x31D XLOADER_ERR_SD_F_OPEN: Error when SD file open fails.

This can happen when file is not present or read from SD fails. File system error code is present in the PLM minor code.

0x31E XLOADER_ERR_SD_F_LSEEK: Error when f_seek fails while reading from SD card.
0x31F XLOADER_ERR_SD_F_READ: Error while reading from SD card.
0x320 XLOADER_ERR_IMG_ID_NOT_FOUND: Error when Image ID is not found in subsystem while reloading image.
0x321 XLOADER_ERR_TCM_ADDR_OUTOF_RANGE: Error while loading to TCM and if address is out of range.
0x322 XLOADER_ERR_CFRAME_LOOKUP: Error when CFRAME driver look up fails.
0x323 XLOADER_ERR_CFRAME_CFG: Error when CFRAME driver CFG fails.
0x324 XLOADER_ERR_UNSUPPORTED_SEC_BOOT_MODE: Error due to unsupported secondary boot mode.
0x325 XLOADER_ERR_SECURE_METAHDR: Error when meta header secure validations fail.
0X326 XLOADER_ERR_GEN_IDCODE: Error caused due to mismatch in IDCODEs.
0x327 XLOADER_ERR_USB_LOOKUP: Error when USB lookup fails.
0x328 XLOADER_ERR_USB_CFG: Error when USB configuration initialize fails.
0x329 XLOADER_ERR_USB_START: Error when USB fails to start.
0x32A XLOADER_ERR_DFU_DWNLD: Error when PDI fails to download.
0x32B XLOADER_ERR_DEFERRED_CDO_PROCESS: Error occurred while processing the mask_poll CDO command but error is deferred till whole CDO processing is completed. For example, currently this deferred bit is generated from Vivado for DDR memory calibration done status.
0x32C XLOADER_ERR_SD_LOOKUP: Error when SD look up fails.
0x32D XLOADER_ERR_SD_CFG: Error when SD configuration fails.
0x32E XLOADER_ERR_SD_CARD_INIT: Error when SD card init fails.
0x32F XLOADER_ERR_MMC_PART_CONFIG: Error when MMC switch to user area in raw boot mode fails.
0x330 XLOADER_ERR_SEM_STOP_SCAN: Error while stopping the XilSEM scan.
0x331 XLOADER_ERR_SEM_INIT: Error while starting the XilSEM scan.
0x332 XLOADER_ERR_DELAY_ATTRB: Error when both delay handoff and copy to image.
0x333 XLOADER_ERR_NUM_HANDOFF_CPUS: Error when number of CPUs exceed maximum count.
0x334 XLOADER_ERR_OSPI_CONN_MODE: Error when OSPI mode is not supported.
0x335 XLOADER_ERR_OSPI_SEL_FLASH_CS1: Error when OSPI driver is unable to select flash CS1. Check minor code for OSPI driver error code.
0x336 XLOADER_ERR_OSPI_SDR_NON_PHY: Error when OSPI driver is unable to set the controller to SDR NON PHY mode.
0x337 XLOADER_ERR_OSPI_COPY_OVERFLOW: Error when source address in OSPI copy exceeds flash size.
0x338 XLOADER_ERR_SD_F_CLOSE: Error on closure of file in SD filesystem modes.
0x339 XLOADER_ERR_SD_UMOUNT: Error on unmounting filesystem.
0x33A XLOADER_ERR_DMA_XFER: DMA transfer failed.
0x33B XLOADER_ERR_DMA_XFER_SD_RAW: DMA transfer failed in SD Raw.
0x33C XLOADER_ERR_CONFIG_SUBSYSTEM: Error while configuring subsystem.
0x33D XLOADER_ERR_COPY_TO_MEM: Error on copying image to the DDR memory with the copy to memory attribute enabled.
0x33E XLOADER_ERR_DELAY_LOAD: When the image has delay load attribute set and the boot source is SMAP, SBI, PCIe, or JTAG, the image is copied to PMC RAM to free it from the SBI buffers. Errors that occur during such copies to the PMC RAM are denoted using this error code.
0x33F XLOADER_ERR_ADD_TASK_SCHEDULER: Error while adding a task to the scheduler.
0x340 XLOADER_ERR_SD_MAX_BOOT_FILES_LIMIT: Error code returned when a search for bootable files crosses the maximum limit.
0x341 XLOADER_ERR_UNSUPPORTED_QSPI_FLASH_SIZE: Error when QSPI flash size is not supported.
0x342 XLOADER_ERR_PM_DEV_PSM_PROC: Failed in XPM Request Device for PM_DEV_PSM_PROC.
0x343 XLOADER_ERR_PM_DEV_IOCTL_RPU0_SPLIT: Failed in XPM Device Ioctl for RPU0_0 in SPLIT mode.
0x344 XLOADER_ERR_PM_DEV_IOCTL_RPU1_SPLIT: Failed in XPM Device Ioctl forRPU0_1 in SPLIT mode.
0x345 XLOADER_ERR_PM_DEV_IOCTL_RPU0_LOCKSTEP: Failed to XPM Device Ioctl for RPU0_0 in LOCKSTEP mode.
0x346 XLOADER_ERR_PM_DEV_IOCTL_RPU1_LOCKSTEP: Failed to XPM Device Ioctl for RPU0_1 in LOCKSTEP mode.
0x347 XLOADER_ERR_PM_DEV_TCM_0_A: Failed to XPM Request Device for PM_DEV_TCM_0_A.
0x348 XLOADER_ERR_PM_DEV_TCM_0_B: Failed to XPM Request Device for PM_DEV_TCM_0_B.
0x349 XLOADER_ERR_PM_DEV_TCM_1_A: Failed to XPM Request Device for PM_DEV_TCM_1_A.
0x34A XLOADER_ERR_PM_DEV_TCM_1_B: Failed to XPM Request Device for PM_DEV_TCM_1_B.
0x34B XLOADER_ERR_PM_DEV_DDR_0: Failed to XPM Request Device for PM_DEV_DDR_0.
0x34C XLOADER_ERR_PM_DEV_QSPI: Failed to XPM Request Device for PM_DEV_QSPI.
0x34D XLOADER_ERR_PM_DEV_SDIO_0: Failed to XPM Request Device for PM_DEV_SDIO_0.
0x34E XLOADER_ERR_PM_DEV_SDIO_1: Failed to XPM Request Device for PM_DEV_SDIo_1.
0x34F XLOADER_ERR_PM_DEV_USB_0: Failed to XPM Request Device for PM_DEV_USB_0.
0x350 XLOADER_ERR_PM_DEV_OSPI: Failed to XPM Request Device for PM_DEV_OSPI.
0x351 XLOADER_ERR_DEV_NOT_DEFINED: Device ID of the image to be loaded is not defined.
0x352 XLOADER_ERR_PARENT_QUERY_VERIFY: Failed to query Parent ID of an image while verifying its Image UIDs.
0x353 XLOADER_ERR_INCOMPATIBLE_CHILD_IMAGE: Error while checking the compatibility of an image with its parent.
0x354 XLOADER_ERR_NO_VALID_PARENT_IMG_ENTRY: Error if No Valid Parent Image entry is found in the ImageInfo table.
0x355 XLOADER_ERR_INVALIDATE_CHILD_IMG: Error while invalidating the child image entry
0x356 XLOADER_ERR_INVALID_PARENT_IMG_ID: Error when an invalid ParentImgID is obtained when queried for parent ImgID.
0x357 XLOADER_ERR_IMAGE_INFO_TBL_OVERFLOW: Error when the ImageInfo table overflows.
0x358 XLOADER_ERR_FUNCTION_ID_MISMATCH: Error when the function ID given while loading an image from the DDR memory does not match with the ID stored in the image header.
0x359 XLOADER_ERR_MEMSET: Error during memset.
0x35A XLOADER_DDR_COPY_UNSUPPORTED_PARAMS: Error when source address, destination address, or length params passed to XLoader_DdrCopy are not word aligned.
0x35B XLOADER_ERR_INIT_CDO: XPlmi_InitCdo failed.
0x35C XLOADER_ERR_INVALID_ELF_LOAD_ADDR: Error when the load address of the ELF is not valid.
0x35D XLOADER_ERR_UNSUPPORTED_MULTIBOOT_FLASH_TYPE: Error due to unsupported flash type used with the update multiboot command.
0x35E XLOADER_ERR_UNSUPPORTED_MULTIBOOT_PDISRC: Error due to unsupported PdiSrc used with the update multiboot command.
0x35F XLOADER_ERR_UNSUPPORTED_FILE_NUM: Error due to unsupported Filenum used to update the multiboot register.
0x360 XLOADER_ERR_UNSUPPORTED_MULTIBOOT_OFFSET: Error when a given multiboot offset is not valid (not a multiple of 32K).
0x361 XLOADER_ERR_SECURE_NOT_ENABLED: Error as secure critical code is excluded and secure boot is attempted
0x362 XLOADER_ERR_UNSUPPORTED_SUBSYSTEM_PDISRC: Error when unsupported PdiSrc is used for subsystem load.
0x363 XLOADER_ERR_PDI_LIST_FULL: Error when you are trying to add a new PdiAddr when the PdiList is full.
0x364 XLOADER_ERR_PDI_ADDR_EXISTS: Error when PdiAddr that is being added already exists in the PdiList.
0x365 XLOADER_ERR_PDI_LIST_EMPTY: Error when PdiList is empty and you are trying to remove a PdiAddr.
0x366 XLOADER_ERR_PDI_ADDR_NOT_FOUND: Error when the PdiAddr that you are trying to remove does not exist in the PdiList.
0x367 XLOADER_ERR_RELEASE_PM_DEV_DDR_0: Failed to XPM release device for PM_DEV_DDR_0.
0x368 XLOADER_ERR_REQUEST_BOOT_DEVICE: Failed to request boot device.
0x369 XLOADER_ERR_RELEASE_BOOT_DEVICE: Failed to release boot device.
0x600 XLOADER_ERR_INIT_GET_DMA: Failed to get DMA instance at time of initialization.
0x601 XLOADER_ERR_INIT_INVALID_CHECKSUM_TYPE: Only SHA3 checksum is supported.
0x602 XLOADER_ERR_INIT_CHECKSUM_COPY_FAIL: Failed when copying checksum from flash device.
0x603 XLOADER_ERR_INIT_AC_COPY_FAIL: Failed when copying AC from flash device.
0x604 XLOADER_ERR_INIT_CHECKSUM_INVLD_WITH_AUTHDEC: Failed as checksum was enabled with authentication and encryption enabled.
0x605 XLOADER_ERR_DMA_TRANSFER: DMA transfer failed while copying.
0x606 XLOADER_ERR_IHT_AUTH_DISABLED: Authentication is not enabled for Image Header table.
0x607 XLOADER_ERR_IHT_GET_DMA: Failed to get DMA instance for IHT authentication.
0x608 XLOADER_ERR_IHT_COPY_FAIL: Failed when copying IHT AC from flash device.
0x609 XLOADER_ERR_IHT_HASH_CALC_FAIL: Failed to calculate hash for IHT authentication.
0x60A XLOADER_ERR_IHT_AUTH_FAIL: Failed to authenticate IHT.
0x60B XLOADER_ERR_HDR_COPY_FAIL: Failed when copying IH/PH from flash device.
0x60C XLOADER_ERR_HDR_AES_OP_FAIL: Failed due to AES init or Decrypt init or key selection failure.
0x60D XLOADER_ERR_HDR_DEC_FAIL: Failed to decrypt image header/partition.
0x60E XLOADER_ERR_HDR_AUTH_FAIL: Failed to authenticate image header/partition.
0x60F XLOADER_ERR_HDR_NOT_SECURE: Neither authentication nor encryption is enabled for image header/partition.
0x610 XLOADER_ERR_HDR_GET_DMA: Failed to get DMA instance for image header/partition authentication/decryption.
0x611 XLOADER_ERR_HDR_HASH_CALC_FAIL: Failed to calculate hash for image header/partition authentication.
0x612 XLOADER_ERR_HDR_NOT_ENCRYPTED: Image header/partition header is not encrypted.
0x613 XLOADER_ERR_HDR_AUTH_DISABLED: Authentication disabled for image header/partition header.
0x614 XLOADER_ERR_SEC_IH_READ_FAIL: Cannot read image header and verify checksum.
0x615 XLOADER_ERR_SEC_PH_READ_FAIL: Cannot read partition header and verify checksum.
0x616 XLOADER_ERR_PRTN_HASH_CALC_FAIL: Hash calculation failed for partition authentication.
0x617 XLOADER_ERR_PRTN_AUTH_FAIL: Partition authentication failed.
0x618 XLOADER_ERR_PRTN_HASH_COMPARE_FAIL: Partition hash comparison failed.
0x619 XLOADER_ERR_PRTN_DECRYPT_FAIL: Partition decryption failed.
0x61A XLOADER_ERR_AHWROT_EFUSE_AUTH_COMPULSORY: PPK Programmed but eFUSE authentication is disabled.
0x61B XLOADER_ERR_AHWROT_BH_AUTH_NOT_ALLOWED: PPK Programmed and BH authentication is enabled.
0x61C XLOADER_ERR_AUTH_EN_PPK_HASH_ZERO: PPK not programmed and authentication is enabled.
0x61D XLOADER_ERR_SHWROT_ENC_COMPULSORY: Encryption is disabled.
0x61E XLOADER_ERR_KAT_FAILED: Known answer tests (KAT) failed.
0x61F XLOADER_ERR_DATA_COPY_FAIL: Data copy to internal memory failed.
0x620 XLOADER_ERR_METAHDR_LEN_OVERFLOW: Failed when total size is greater than Metahdr length.
0x621 XLOADER_ERR_AUTH_JTAG_EFUSE_AUTH_COMPULSORY: JTAG authentication failed when PPK not programmed.
0x622 XLOADER_ERR_AUTH_JTAG_DISABLED: JTAG authentication disable efuse bit is set.
0x623 XLOADER_ERR_AUTH_JTAG_PPK_VERIFY_FAIL: JTAG authentication failed when verification of PPK.
0x624 XLOADER_ERR_AUTH_JTAG_SIGN_VERIFY_FAIL: JTAG authentication failed when verification of signature failed.
0x625 XLOADER_ERR_AUTH_JTAG_EXCEED_ATTEMPTS: JTAG authentication failed more than once.
0x626 XLOADER_ERR_AUTH_JTAG_GET_DMA: Failed to get DMA instance for JTAG authentication.
0x627 XLOADER_ERR_AUTH_JTAG_HASH_CALCULATION_FAIL: Hash calculation failed before signature verification.
0x628 XLOADER_ERR_AUTH_JTAG_DMA_XFR: Failed to get Auth JTAG data with DMA transfer.
0x629 XLOADER_ERR_MEMSET_SECURE_PTR: Error during memset for SecurePtr.
0x62A XLOADER_ERR_GLITCH_DETECTED: Error glitch detected.
0x62B XLOADER_ERR_AUTH_JTAG_SPK_REVOKED: Authentication failed when revoke ID is programmed.
0x62C XLOADER_ERR_METAHDR_KEYSRC_MISMATCH: Metaheader key source does not match the PLM key source.
0x62D XLOADER_ERR_PRTN_ENC_ONLY_KEYSRC: Invalid key source when encryption only is enabled.
0x62E XLOADER_ERR_SECURE_NOT_ALLOWED: Error when state of boot is non secure.
0x62F XLOADER_ERR_HDR_AAD_UPDATE_FAIL: Updating IHT as AAD failed during secure header decryption.
0x630 XLOADER_ERR_UNSUPPORTED_PDI_VER: PDI version used in secure operations is unsupported.
0x631 XLOADER_ERR_PRTN_DECRYPT_NOT_ALLOWED: Partition is not allowed to be encrypted if the state of boot is non secure.
0x632 XLOADER_ERR_AUTH_JTAG_INVALID_DNA: User-provided device DNA is not valid.
0x633 XLOADER_ERR_SEC_IH_VERIFY_FAIL: Failed to verify checksum of image headers.
0x634 XLOADER_ERR_SEC_PH_VERIFY_FAIL: Failed to verify checksum of partition headers.
0x635 XLOADER_ERR_SECURE_CLEAR_FAIL: Failed to place either AES, RSA, SHA3 engine in reset.
  • 0x2 indicates failure in CDO command.
  • X indicates command module.
    • 1- XilPLMI
    • 2- XilPM
    • 3- XilSEM
    • 5- XilSecure
    • 6- XilPSM
    • 7- XilLoader
    • 8- EM
    • 10- STL
    • 11- XilNVM
    • 12- XilPUF
  • YZ indicate handler ID of the CDO command.