GUI Utilities for HDL Blocksets - 2022.1 English

Vitis Model Composer User Guide (UG1483)

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2022.1 English

Xilinx has added graphics commands to the Simulink® model popup menu that will help you rapidly create and analyze your Model Composer design. As shown below, you can access these commands by right-clicking the Simulink model canvas and selecting the appropriate Xilinx command:

Figure 1. Xilinx Commands

A detailed description of the additional Xilinx commands is provided below.

Xilinx BlockAdd Facilitates the rapid addition of Xilinx HDL blocks (and a limited set of Simulink blocks) to a Simulink model.
Xilinx Tools > Save as blockAdd default This feature allows you to pre-configure a block, then add multiple copies of the pre-configured block using the BlockAdd feature.
Xilinx BlockConnect Facilitates the rapid connection of blocks in a Simulink model
Xilinx Tools > Terminate Facilitates the rapid addition of Simulink terminator blocks on open output ports and/or Xilinx HDL Constant Blocks on open input ports.
Xilinx Waveform Viewer The Xilinx Waveform Viewer displays a waveform diagram of selected signals in your Model Composer design. Waveforms can be displayed in the Waveform Viewer after running a Simulink simulation. Inputs and outputs of blocks in the Xilinx HDL Blockset can be displayed in the Waveform Viewer.
Xilinx Clear Waveform Selections Deletes all of the waveforms currently displayed in the Waveform Viewer, and closes the Waveform Viewer.