Step 5: Add Additional IP - 2022.1 English

Vivado Design Suite Tutorial: Designing with IP (UG939)

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2022.1 English
At this point in the tutorial, you can repeat some of the earlier steps to add some additional IP cores to the Managed IP project, and customize them as well. In the following figure, Tri-Mode Ethernet MAC and Complex Multiplier IP customizations have been added to the project.
  1. Explore the IP catalog and create customizations for a few additional IP cores.
  2. Generate output products for the additional cores.

    In the IP Sources tab of the Sources window, you see the various output products that have been generated for the additional cores.

    When you create an IP customization, the Vivado® Design Suite adds Instantiation Templates to the project, even if you choose to skip generating other output products. The Instantiation Templates are the minimum output product.

    By default, the Vivado Design Suite creates a synthesized design checkpoint for each IP customization added to the project, adding Out-of-Context module runs for each of the IP cores. You can view the progress of these synthesis runs in the Design Run tab, as shown in the following figure.