AXI4S Video Re-mapper (v_axi4s_remapper) - 3.0 English

DisplayPort 1.4 TX Subsystem Product Guide (PG299)

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3.0 English

v_axi4s_remapper is used in DisplayPort example designs to remap video pixels between different “pixel per clock (PPC)” requirements. Multiple color formats are supported for remap namely, YUV444, YUV422 and YUV420. This IP is employed in DP TX data pipeline after frame buffer and in DP RX data pipeline before frame buffer in DP example designs, as the frame buffer always outputs data in 4PPC mode, but Xilinx may require other PPC modes for DP TX and RX.

Apart from “PPC” conversion, this IP also supports pixel drop and pixel repeat features which enables dropping and repetition of user specific pixels on the output and supports YUV420_HDMI color format too, which are out of scope of this document.

Note that this v_axi4s_remapper is not part of the DisplayPort protocol requirements and is used only in the example design to assist users in validation. Hence, Xilinx does not provide a separate product guide for v_axi4s_remapper and does not provide support related to this IP.