000034326 - Design Advisory for Versal GTY/GTYP/GTM: Memory Read Corruption Through APB3 and NPI for Vivado 2022.1 (and prior versions)

Release Date
1.0 English

If the design is using the features highlighted above, it is highly recommended to update the design using Vivado 2022.2 or newer versions.


The solutions include:

  • GT Wizard update
  • IBERT tools and PLM update
  • Lower NPI clock Fmax specification for devices/temperature grades:
    • XCVC1502, XCVC1702, XQVC1702, XQVC1902, XCVM1302, XCVM1402, XQVM1402, XCVM1502, XQVM1502, and XQVM1802 devices in the -1L (VCCINT=0.70V) speed grade
    • XCVC1502, XCVC1702, XCVM1302, XCVM1402, and XCVM1502 devices in -2LLI (VCCINT=0.70V) speed grade