000035326 - Design Advisory - Versal GTM Performance Considerations for 112G Long Reach (LR) with Specific Versal Premium and HBM Packages

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1.0 English

This design advisory answer record highlights lane selection requirements for 112G Long Reach (LR) GTM operation in certain packages. Use this answer record to identify which lanes to use in your 112G LR design. This information will be incorporated into both package files and Vivado in a future release.


  • These restrictions are only applicable to long-reach (LR) applications with data rates ranging from 58 Gbps to 112 Gbps.
  • Non-LR channels with a loss budget of 20 dB or less (Ball to Ball), operating at up to 112G, have no restrictions on lane selection.
  • LR channels operating at up to 58G have no restrictions on lane selection.
  • These restrictions do not apply when either TX or RX (but not both) are being utilized within a specific channel.