1. Compiling HLS Kernels Using v++ - 2023.2 English

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2023.2 English

As done for sw_emu target in Section 3, compile the mm2s, and s2mm PL HLS kernels using the v++ compiler command - which takes in an HLS kernel source and produces an .xo file.

To compile the kernels, run the following command:

make kernels TARGET=hw_emu


v++ -c --mode hls --platform $PLATFORM_REPO_PATHS/xilinx_vek280_es1_base_202320_1/xilinx_vek280_es1_base_202320_1.xpfm --config pl_kernels/s2mm.cfg
v++ -c --mode hls --platform $PLATFORM_REPO_PATHS/xilinx_vek280_es1_base_202320_1/xilinx_vek280_es1_base_202320_1.xpfm --config pl_kernels/mm2s.cfg

To get more details about several options of v++ command line, refer to the Compiling HLS Kernels Using V++ topic in Section 3 The only extra switch that is added is -g, which is required to capture waveform data.