5. Run Software Emulation - 2023.2 English

Vitis Tutorials: AI Engine

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2023.2 English

After packaging everything is set to run emulation. This step demonstrates how software emulation can run the PS application on an x86 process (instead of an Arm process for an AI Engine design). Software emulation is an abstract model and first step to build and test the system in a functional process. It does not use any of the PetaLinux drivers such as Zynq OpenCL (ZOCL), interrupt controller, or Device Tree Binary (DTB). Hence, the overhead of creating an sd_card.img, and booting PetaLinux on a full QEMU machine is too heavyweight for software emulation and can be avoided.

a. To run emulation use the following command:

make run_emu 


cd ./sw
setenv XCL_EMULATION_MODE sw_emu
./host_ps_on_x86 a.xclbin 

b. You should see an output displaying TEST PASSED.