AI Engine GMIO Performance Profile - 2022.2 English

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2022.2 English

AI Engine tools support mapping the GMIO port to the tile DMA one-to-one. It does not support mapping multiple GMIO ports to one tile DMA channel. There is a limit on the number of GMIO ports supported for a given device. For example, the XCVC1902 device on the VCK190 board has 16 AI Engine to NoC master unit (NMU) in total. For each AI Engine to NMU, it supports two MM2S and two S2MM channels. Hence there can be a maximum of 32 AI Engine GMIO inputs, 32 AI Engine GMIO outputs supported, but note that it can be further limited by the existing hardware platform.

In this example, 32 AI Engine GMIO inputs, 32 AI Engine GMIO outputs are utilized in the graph and the performance from one input and one output to 32 inputs and 32 outputs through various ways is profiled. Then you will learn about the NOC bandwidth and the advantages and disadvantages of choosing GMIO for data transfer.