AI Engine Status Analysis - 2023.2 English

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2023.2 English

Version: Vitis 2023.2

This tutorial shows you how to output a summary of the AI Engine status for further analysis in an AMD Vitis™ Analyzer. The main methods to output AI Engine status are as follows:

  • Automated and periodic AI Engine status output: After initial setup in xrt.ini, this method requires minimal user intervention because the tool outputs the status at specified time intervals.

  • Manual output the AI Engine status: This method requires that you run a command each time you want a status output report.

You can then open the status output in Vitis Analyzer for further analysis.

Note: The default working directory in this step is testcase_nofifo_hang, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Note: The description here is based on the hardware flow. The methods decribed in this tutorial also apply for the hardware emulation flow.