Adding PL Kernels - 2023.1 English

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2023.1 English

In this step, you will add the PL kernels, s2mm and mm2s.

  1. To add the PL kernels, right-click the PeakDetect_system project, and select Add Hw kernel Project.

  2. Name the Hw kernel project name as PeakDetect_PL, and click Finish.

  3. Observe the PeakDetect_PL gets added to the system project.

  4. Right-click the PeakDetect_PL -> src, and select Import sources. Browse to cmd_src/pl_kernels/, and select Open.

  5. Select both mm2s.cpp and s2mm.cpp. Click the Finish button.

  6. Double click the PeakDetect_PL -> PeakDetect_PL.prj, and in the project settings, select the Add Hardware Function.

  7. Choose the mm2s and s2mm functions, and click OK. Observe the hardware function gets added as follows.