Asynchronous RTP Read - 2023.2 English

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2023.2 English

An asynchronous RTP port can be used to probe AIE status or send minimum data without throughput requirement.

The test case is async_array_rtp_read.

The kernel signature is:

template<int32 NUM>
void vect_add(input_buffer<int32,extents<NUM>>& __restrict in,output_buffer<int32,extents<NUM>>& __restrict out,const int32 (&value)[NUM], int32 &iter);

The RTP specification can be found in aie/graph.h:

using namespace adf;
adf::port<adf::direction::in> value;
adf::port<adf::direction::inout> iter; //for RTP read
adf::connect<adf::parameter>(value, async([1])); 
adf::connect<adf::parameter>(async(k.inout[0]), iter); //for inout RTP port, default is async

The RTP calls for aiesimulator can be found in aie/graph.cpp:

int value[256];;
int current_iter=-1;,current_iter);
std::cout<<"Current Iteration="<<current_iter<<std::endl;

The host code for HW and HW emulation flows can be found in sw/host.cpp:

int value[256];
auto ghdl=xrt::graph(device,uuid,"gr");;
int current_iter=-1;"gr.k.inout[0]",current_iter);
std::cout<<"Current Iteration="<<current_iter<<std::endl;