Build and Simulate in the Vitis IDE - 2023.2 English

Vitis Tutorials: AI Engine

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2023.2 English
  1. From the left-side pane in the Vitis IDE, select the AI Engine Component and expand to locate and select the aiecompiler.cfg file to open the compiler configuration settings.

  2. Select the XLOpt settings and under the Kernel optimization setting, select the 0 - None from the drop-down. This gives greater visibility during the AI Engine debug.

build setting build target 2. Right-click the [aiengine] domain project, select C/C++ Build Settings, choose Miscellaneous -> Optimization -> from the drop down choose No Optimizations(xlopt=0). This option helps IDE debugging capability by disabling any kernel optimizations.

  1. Now, in the Flow navigator window, select the Build option under AIE SIMULATOR/HARDWARE. This builds the AI Engine component for AIE Simulation target. Once the build completes, you see the Compilation Complete and Build Finished Successfully messages in the console. Also a green tick mark as highlighted below.

build output

  1. In the Flow navigator window, under AIE SIMULATION/HARDWARE, select the Run option. If there is no existing launch configuration, you need to create one by clicking on Create Configuration -> New Launch Configuration -> AIESim.


  1. You can change the Launch Config Name and click Run button to start simulation for AIE simulation target. When the simulation complete, you see the following output in the console.