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Vitis Tutorials: AI Engine Development

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2023.1 English

The Versal VCK190 System Example Design full Makefile build-flow builds the whole project in the following order:

  1.  version_check:   Checks if the Vivado, Petalinux and Vitis tools are setup and if the versions are 2023.1
  2.  vivado_platform: Building the thin platform xsa (only pre-synth) or using the pre-builds
  3.  vitis_platform:  Building the Vitis Platform or using the pre-builds
  4.  linux:           Building linux and sysroot (with Petalinux or Yocto) or using the pre-builds
  5.  dtg:             Building the device-tree when xsa and xpfm is build and using the linux pre-builds
  6.  bif:             Some necessary Copying of linux image-files to the vitis platform for a correct Vitis packaging
  7.  vitis_ip:        Building Ai Engine graph(s) towards libadf.a and compiling hls/rtl kernels to *.xo
  9.  full_impl:       Linking all kernels and AIE in the thin platform and fully implement it
  8.  ps_apps:         Building all XRT-based PS applications
 10.  package:         Packaging all necessary boot/run files