CIPS Clocks - 2023.2 English

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2023.2 English

The last set of connections connects the CIPS clock pins to the NoC clock pins. A summary table of the connections is provided below:

NoC Interface Category NoC Clock Connection Interface CIPS Clock
M00_AXI PL aclk5 axi_dbg_hub_0/S_AXI
M01_AXI AI Engine aclk9 ai_engine_0/S00_AXI
S00_AXI PS CCI aclk0 ps_cips/FPD_CCI_NOC_0 fpd_cci_noc_axi0_clk
S01_AXI PS CCI aclk1 ps_cips/FPD_CCI_NOC_1 fpd_cci_noc_axi1_clk
S02_AXI PS CCI aclk2 ps_cips/FPD_CCI_NOC_2 fpd_cci_noc_axi2_clk
S03_AXI PS CCI aclk3 ps_cips/FPD_CCI_NOC_3 fpd_cci_noc_axi3_clk
S04_AXI PS PMC None ps_cips/PMC_NOC_AXI_0
S05_AXI PS NCI aclk6 ps_cips/FPD_AXI_NOC_0 fpd_axi_noc_axi0_clk
S06_AXI PS NCI aclk8 ps_cips/FPD_AXI_NOC_1 fpd_axi_noc_axi1_clk
S07_AXI PS RPU aclk7 ps_cips/FPD_LPD_AXI_0 lpd_axi_noc_clk