CIPS and NoC Connections - 2023.2 English

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2023.2 English

The next set of connections to make is between the CIPS and the NoC. The CIPS connections have been added to the previous NoC interface table to illustrate the connections being created.

NoC Interface Category NoC Clock Connection Interface
M00_AXI PL aclk5
M01_AXI AI Engine aclk9
S00_AXI PS CCI aclk0 ps_cips/FPD_CCI_NOC_0
S01_AXI PS CCI aclk1 ps_cips/FPD_CCI_NOC_1
S02_AXI PS CCI aclk2 ps_cips/FPD_CCI_NOC_2
S03_AXI PS CCI aclk3 ps_cips/FPD_CCI_NOC_3
S04_AXI PS PMC None ps_cips/PMC_NOC_AXI_0
S05_AXI PS NCI aclk6 ps_cips/FPD_AXI_NOC_0
S06_AXI PS NCI aclk8 ps_cips/FPD_AXI_NOC_1
S07_AXI PS RPU aclk7 ps_cips/FPD_LPD_AXI_0