Compiling an AI Engine ADF Graph for V++ Flow - 2022.2 English

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2022.2 English

An ADF Graph can be connected to an extensible Vitis™ platform. That is, the graph I/Os can be connected either to platform ports or to ports on Vitis kernels through the v++ connectivity directives. Note the following:

  • An AI Engine ADF C++ graph contains AI Engine kernels only.

  • All interconnections between AI Engine kernels are defined in the C++ graph (graph.h).

  • All interconnections to external I/Os are fully specified in the C++ simulation testbench (graph.cpp) that instantiates the C++ ADF graph object (this is strictly only used in aiesimulator which is covered in a separate tutorial). All platform connections from the graph to the “PLIO” map onto ports on the AI Engine subsystem graph that are connected via v++ connectivity directives.

  • No dangling ports or implicit “connections” are allowed by v++.

  • Stream connections are specified through the v++ --sc option, including employment of PL-based data movers, either in the platform or defined outside the ADF graph as Vitis PL kernels.

To compile the graph type to be used in hardware emulation, use:

make aie

This may take a few minutes.