Config PetaLinux: Updating the PetaLinux Project with an XSA - 2023.2 English

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2023.2 English

Next, update the PetaLinux project with the XSA created in Module 04. The XSA contains the configured PS and the PL kernels you want to control from your Linux applications. This step enables you to make the PetaLinux tools software platform ready for building a Linux system, customized to your hardware platform. Import the hardware description with the petalinux-config command by giving the path of the directory containing the XSA file as follows:

petalinux-config -p build/vck190_linux --get-hw-description ../Module04_AI_Engine_and_PL_Integration/build/rev1/hw –silentconfig

The --silentconfig option allows you to reuse a prior configuration used during the petalinux_create command.