Deploy for Hardware Emulation and Hardware Flow - 2023.1 English

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2023.1 English

The final step is to run HW emulation using the following make command:

make run_hw_emu

The corresponding script is as follows:


Tip: Option -add-env VITIS_LAUNCH_WAVEFORM_BATCH=1 can be added to to record the waveform of the platform into waveform file (*.wdb).

Tip: Hitting a key accidentally will prevent the system booting automatically. If this happens, type boot at the Versal> prompt to resume the system booting.

After Linux has booted, run the following commands at the Linux prompt (this is only for HW cosim):

./host.exe a.xclbin

To exit QEMU press Ctrl+A and then press x.

Alternatively, to run in hardware, after booting Linux, run the following commands at the Linux prompt:

mount /dev/mmcblk0p1 /mnt
cd /mnt
./host.exe a.xclbin

The host code is self-checking. It will check the output data against the golden data. If the output data matches the golden data, after the run is completed, it will print: