Design Considerations - 2023.1 English

Vitis Tutorials: AI Engine Development

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2023.1 English

Note: The MUSTs in below explanations are due to how the generic Makefiles are setup, and is NOT an AMD tools requirement!

  • [project-root]/ps_apps/linux: PS applications can easily be added by adding a sub-project for each in [project-root]/ps_apps/linux.

    • Vitis will automatically package them and they will end up in [project-root]/package_linux_${TARGET}.

    • The [PS Application].exe (extension MUST be .exe) MUST end up in the [project-root]/ps_apps/exe dir.

  • [project-root]/vitis/ip: Kernels can be added by just adding a sub-project in [project-root]/vitis/ip.

    • You will need to update the [project-root]/vitis/src/system.cfg file to setup the correct connections/clocks.

    • A [kernel].xo file MUST end up in the [project-root]/vitis/ip/xo_hw dir

    • An extra aie graph MUST be added in the [project-root]/vitis/ip/aie dir, the [project-root]/vitis/ip/aie/Makefile will need adaptations.