Difference between main_partial.cpp and main_full.cpp - 2022.2 English

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2022.2 English

You will notice that there are two main files: main_partial.cpp and main_full.cpp. The only difference between them is that the main_partial.cpp file runs through 10 complex data samples (TDATA) for each kernel. The main_partial.cpp file is created to run through hardware emulation in a timely manner. In Module 06, you will run the main_partial.elf file for hardware emulation.

The main_full.cpp file runs through the full set of data. For the dlbf_data kernels, main_full.cpp runs through NITER=4 and BLOCK_SIZE=384 for a total of 1536 64-bit data packets (TDATA). For the dlbf_coeffs kernels, main_full.cpp runs through NITER=4 and BLOCK_SIZE=256 for a total of 1024 64-bit data packets (TDATA). In Module`06, you will run the main_full.elf file on the hardware run on the VCK190 board.