Hardware Emulation - 2023.2 English

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2023.2 English
[shell]% cd <path-to-design>/05-Prime-Factor-FFT
[shell]% make all TARGET=hw_emu

This will take about 90 minutes to run the first time as the build will perform C/RTL verification and Vivado out-of-context place-and-route runs for all six HLS IPs. This will only be done once, but is not strictly required for hardware emulation. To skip this step, alternately run using the following:

[shell]% cd <path-to-design>/05-Prime-Factor-FFT
[shell]% make all TARGET=hw_emu DO_COSIM=false

The build process will generate a folder 05-Prime-Factor-FFT/package containing all the files required for hardware emulation. This can be run as shown below. An optional -g can be applied to the launch_hw_emu.sh command to launch the Vivado waveform GUI to observe the top-level AXI signal ports in the design.

[shell]% cd <path-to-design>/05-Prime-Factor-FFT/package
[shell]% ./launch_hw_emu.sh -run-app embedded_exec.sh