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2023.1 English
  1. To add the host application project, right-click the PeakDetect_system project, and select Add Application Project.

  2. Enter the Application project name as PeakDetect_host, and leave the target processor selected as psv-cortexa72 SMP.

  3. In the Application settings, add sysroot path,Root FS and Kernel Image by clicking Browse in each section, and click Next.

  4. Select Empty Application in the Template selection window, and click Finish.

  5. Now import sources by right-clicking the PeakDetect_host -> src, browse to the cmd_src/sw/ directory, and choose the files host.cpp and data.h.

  6. Click Finish.

  7. Now, right-click the PeakDetect_host, select C++ build settings, and add linker option host build settings

  8. Click Apply and Close.

    NOTE: When you change the build target from Emulation-SW(default) to Emulation-HW or Hardware, make sure to repeat step 7.