Manual AI Engine status Using the XBUtil Utility - 2023.2 English

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2023.2 English

NOTE: This is of user interest to exercise different methodologies to detect the AI Engine status. If you have already exercised the AI Engine status using XRT step, you need to reboot the VCK190 board.

  1. In Linux, run the application:

    host.exe a.xclbin
  2. Observe the hang and after some time, kill the application by pressing Ctrl+c or suspend by Ctrl+z.

  3. Issue the following xbutil command:

    xbutil examine -r aie -d 0 -f json -o xbutil_status.json
    • xbutil examine: Command used to find the details of the specific device.

    • -r aie: Switch to view reports of the AIE kernels metadata from .xclbin.

    • -d: Specifies the target device to examine.

    • -f: Specifies the report format.

    • -o: Specifies the output file to direct the output.

    For more information, refer to xbutil Examine.

  4. Copy the JSON to a local workspace for further analysis, open the file in the Vitis Analyzer using the option Import XSDB/XBUtil JSON output, and point to the JSON, AI Engine compile summary.

  5. A new file, aiestatus.run_summary, gets created which can be used for further analysis.

  6. The analysis in the Vitis Analyzer is similar to AI Engine status using XRT.