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Vitis Tutorials: AI Engine

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2023.2 English

The NoC is then instantiated and its properties are set. It has two AXI master interfaces, eight AXI slave interfaces, and 10 clocks. The NoC configuration is as follows:

NoC Interface Category NoC Clock
M00_AXI PL aclk5
M01_AXI AI Engine aclk9
S00_AXI PS CCI aclk0
S01_AXI PS CCI aclk1
S02_AXI PS CCI aclk2
S03_AXI PS CCI aclk3
S04_AXI PS PMC aclk4
S05_AXI PS NCI aclk6
S06_AXI PS NCI aclk8
S07_AXI PS RPU aclk7