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2023.1 English

The bare-metal application uses AI Engine driver APIs that are included in the BSP of the platform. To point the tool to those libraries, you need to make a few changes to the compiler/linker settings.

  1. Right-click the A72 PS application (A-to-Z_app), and click c/c++ Build Settings.

    a. In the directories section under ARM R5 g++ compiler, add the directory for the AI Engine application: ${XILINX_VITIS_AIETOOLS}/../include.

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    b. In the libraries section under ARM R5 g++ compiler, add the following to the linker flags: -ladf_api and -L"${XILINX_VITIS_AIETOOLS}/lib/armr532.o".

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  2. Rebuild the application project, and run the system.

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