PS Application and HW Emulation Flows - 2023.2 English

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2023.2 English

The difference in the PS application from Buffer Based AI Engine Kernels is that the input buffers and output buffers for different data types should be modified accordingly. Take a look at the code in sw/host.cpp. Note how float and complex type (for cint16) is used in the code.

    // output memory
    xrtBufferHandle out_bo3 = xrtBOAlloc(dhdl, mem_size, 0, /*BANK=*/0);
    xrtBufferHandle out_bo4 = xrtBOAlloc(dhdl, mem_size, 0, /*BANK=*/0);
    float *host_out3 = (float*)xrtBOMap(out_bo3);
    std::complex<short> *host_out4 = (std::complex<short>*)xrtBOMap(out_bo4);
    // input memory
    xrtBufferHandle in_bo3 = xrtBOAlloc(dhdl, mem_size, 0, /*BANK=*/0);
    xrtBufferHandle in_bo4 = xrtBOAlloc(dhdl, mem_size, 0, /*BANK=*/0);
    float *host_in3 = (float*)xrtBOMap(in_bo3);
    std::complex<short> *host_in4 = (std::complex<short>*)xrtBOMap(in_bo4);

Correspondingly, the pre-processing and post-processing of this data has been changed.

  1. Run HW emulation with the following ``make` command to build the HW system and host application.

    make run_hw_emu

    Tip: If the keyboard is accidentally hit and stops the system booting automatically, type boot at the Versal> prompt to resume the system booting.

  2. After Linux has booted, run the following commands at the Linux prompt (this is only for HW cosim).

     mount /dev/mmcblk0p1 /mnt
     cd /mnt
     export XILINX_XRT=/usr
     export XCL_EMULATION_MODE=hw_emu
     ./host.exe a.xclbin

    To exit QEMU press Ctrl+A, x.

  3. To run in hardware, first build the system and application using the following make command.

    make package TARGET=hw
  4. After Linux has booted, run the following commands at the Linux prompt.

     mount /dev/mmcblk0p1 /mnt
     cd /mnt
     export XILINX_XRT=/usr
     ./host.exe a.xclbin

The host code is self-checking. It will check the correctness of output data. If the output data is correct, after the run has completed, it will print: