Preparing the AI Engine Domain Project - 2023.1 English

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2023.1 English
  1. Expand the PeakDetect AI Engine domain project, right-click the src directory, and choose Import Source.

  2. Browse to the cmd_src/aie/ directory, and tick the /aie on left side, that enables graph.h,graph.cpp files along with the kernel sources in kernels/ directory. Import Sources

  3. Click Finish, and observe the sources added to the PeakDetect AI Engine domain project.

  4. Now add the input stimulus. Right-click the data/ directory -> Import sources -> browse to cmd_src/data directory, and choose the inx.txt file.

  5. Right-click the AI Engine domain project, and select the C++ Build settings. Navigate to the Input Spec, and add ../src/kernels in the include paths. build setting>

  6. You can click No in the dialog box that opens. Double-click the PeakDetect.prj file under the AI Engine domain project, and click Click to select Top-level File. Expand the PeakDetect/src/, and select the graph.cpp file. Click OK.

The AI Engine domain project is ready to build.

NOTE: When you change the build target from Emulation-AIE(default) to Emulation-SW, make sure to repeat the step 5.