Profiling APIs - 2022.2 English

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2022.2 English

Start profiling API,

/// Start profiling and acquire resources needed for profiling. Should be called after graph::init().
/// @param io Plarform PLIO or GMIO object.
/// @param option io_profiling_option enum.
/// @param value Optional value for the specified option.
/// @return Return event::handle to be used by read_profiling and stop_profiling. Return event::invalid_handle for error conditions or unsupported use cases.
static handle start_profiling(IoAttr& io, io_profiling_option option, uint32 value = 0);

Read profiling API,

/// Read profiling.
/// @param h event::handle returned from start_profiling.
/// @return Profiling value.
static long long read_profiling(handle h);

Stop profiling API,

/// Stop profiling and release resources needed for profiling.
/// @param h event::handle returned from start_profiling.
static void stop_profiling(handle h);

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