Run the AI Engine Compiler and AI Engine Simulator - 2023.1 English

Vitis Tutorials: AI Engine Development

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2023.1 English
  1. Compile the AI Engine graph (libadf.a) using the AI Engine compiler:

    make aie
  2. After the AI Engine graph (libadf.a) has been generated, verify for correctness using the AI Engine simulator:

    make aiesim
  3. After simulation completes, you should see output.txt under aiesimulator_output/data. You can compare output.txt with the golden reference in data/golden.txt using the following commands in command line:

    grep -v T aiesimulator_output/data/output.txt > aiesimulator_output/data/output_data.txt
    diff -w aiesimulator_output/data/output_data.txt ./data/golden.txt

    If you have MATLAB or Octave, you can use the following script to visualize the data:

    data=load('./aiesimulator_output/data/output_data.txt', '-ascii');
    cxdata = data(:,1) + data(:,2)*i;
    narrow_spectrum = 20*log10(abs(fftshift(fft(cxdata(1:1024)))));
    wide_spectrum = 20*log10(abs(fftshift(fft(cxdata(1025:2048)))));

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