Running the System: Hardware Emulation - 2023.2 English

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2023.2 English

Running the system depends on the build target. The process of running the hardware emulation build is different from that of running the hardware build. For hardware emulation, the --package command generates the script. This script is used to launch the emulation environment. Hardware emulation runs the AI Engine simulator for the graph application, the AMD Vivado™ logic simulator (XSIM) for the PL kernels, and QEMU for the PS host application.

Use the following command to launch hardware emulation from the command line.

make run_emu


cd build/hw_emu_main_partial/hw_emu_main_partial.package

You can open a new shell and continue with the next section while hardware emulation completes.

To exit QEMU simulation, press Ctrl+A, let go of the keyboard, and then press x.